Black Panther: A New Breed of Superhero Movies

Atom Eco, Staff Writer

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The newest Marvel movie Black Panther was a massive success, with its record breaking debut making over 242 million dollars. Perhaps this was a hit because the movie really  had a perfect way to tie in modern day issues into a action packed movie and be phenomenal. Not only was the plot great, but the characters in Black Panther are memorable, likable, and relatable, including the villains.

The movie Black Panther introduces us to the hidden African nation known as Wakanda. Wakanda is an incredibly advanced nation due to their access to the metal Vibranium, which can only be found in Wakanda. Very few “outsiders” know about Wakandas’ true nature and their precious metal, and some of them seek to steal the Vibranium for their own personal gain. It is up to the Black Panther, T’challa, the newly anointed king of Wakanda, to defend his country and is people.

This movie is action packed, its fight scenes escalate very quickly.  Some that start out in clubs and end in the center of the city. Or fights that involve life or death. With many more fight scenes that seeing the movie will provide.And even with all this action you are able to see the deeper meaning and the problems we face today. Like oppression and racism, this is what the villain suffers and is trying to solve just not in the best way… You see The America First Movement this is shown because you see how much the world suffers and Wakanda can easily join in and help save lives with the advancements in technology they have. But they don’t because Wakanda comes first.

The characters were perfect. They were all so unique especially since you get to see theses characters go through a lot of emotions other than anger like any other action movie. Anyone who went to see this film would be able to relate to the characters in some way. T’challa, the titular Black Panther, played by the actor Chadwick Boseman, is selfless, understanding, and courageous. Anyone with a younger sibling could relate to his relationship with his sister, Shuri (played by Letitia Wright). Shuri is the brains behind Wakanda; she’s the creator of Black Panther’s vibranium suit and all his gadgets. Even though she’s the brains of the operation, she’s still bubbly, outgoing, and able to mess around: even though he’s king, T’challa is still her older brother, and some things never change. Okoye, played by Danai Gurira, is one of the guardians of Wakanda. Everyone who sees this movie will clearly see she is a strong independent woman who will not let anything or anyone get in her way of doing what’s right. Nakia, played by Lupita Nyong’o, she is T’challa’s ex girlfriend. You see the two of them get closer throughout the movie but more importantly she is not just there to be a love interest. She’s the type of hero who if she gets in a sticky situation she will be able to get out of it herself, and not need to rely on the hero of the movie to save her, unlike Mary Jane, Lois Lane and any other love interest in a action movie. Erik Kilmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, is the most relatable villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Although his goals may seem sickening, his motivations for doing so are understandable, and even noble.

Black Panther is a great action movie. With all the characters being easy to relate to and the plot being meaningful as well as action packed, it is a movie everyone will enjoy.

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Black Panther: A New Breed of Superhero Movies