Domestic Violence In Skagit Valley

Elijah Reyes, Staff Writer

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Domestic violence is often overlooked as an issue in The United States. Most people believe domestic violence is when a man or woman physically abuses their spouse or significant other when in fact that just barely scratches the surface. defines domestic violence as “ behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating” while people are correct in saying that domestic violence is when a person physically abuses their partner, it can include situations where a person forbids their partner from seeing friends, talking “out of line” and even as small as insulting them repeatedly despite knowing their partner feels negative about it.

The Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) collects reports every six months to add to their database of domestic violence fatalities. In the time period of 1997 to 2017 Washington state had a reported 1,047 deaths as a result of Domestic Violence, these fatalities are separated into two different categories’ the first is homicides which make up 854 of these fatalities while the other; suicide; makes up 293 of them.

King County is a large contributor to these statistics making up over ⅕ of the fatalities or more specifically 284 deaths. Again these are broken up into two categories; homicides 219; and suicides 65. According to these statistics that is an average of 14 deaths per year as a result of domestic violence, in other words 1 out of every 7454 people living in King County died as a result of domestic violence.

While Skagit County is much smaller than King County we are still guilty of allowing this tragedy to take place. In the same time period of 1997 to 2017 we have had a reported 12 deaths as a result of domestic violence. 10 of these deaths were homicides and 2 of them were suicides, 2 members of our own community were so terrible beaten by their significant other that they preferred to take their own life than to try and better their situation.

There are many options for those who experience domestic violence, if you are experiencing this please call someone. If you plan on confronting your abuser call a friend to be your backup, if there’s a chance they are armed call the police. To contact someone you can call the Domestic violence hotline.


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Domestic Violence In Skagit Valley