Changing The Community One Patient At A Time

Adam Erie, Staff Writer

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On 1400 North LaVenture Road in Mount Vernon, Washington there is a red and white building. You have probably driven past it countless times without realizing the true significance of what goes on behind the walls. Little did you know, our community is being helped one patient at a time in this building. Next to the building there is a red and white sign that reads, “Sea Mar Community Health Center”.

The men and women behind these walls are some of the smartest and most motivated people in our community. They truly want to help better the people of this community. They are doctors with medical degrees from places like Harvard Medical School, the University of Washington, and schools all over the country. They are bilinguals that are able to speak the patient’s language to help them better understand their treatment. These people are helping the people of this community as we speak. They are hard working and won’t stop until their patient is healthy and treated.

Sea Mar is a medical clinic system that spans across all parts of the US. They are dedicated to helping people in need of medical attention that can’t afford it. Sea Mar has a sliding pay scale, which means patients can pay as much as they can in any way that they can. Patients with Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and self-pay patient are all welcome to the Sea Mar Clinic.

Dr. Winkes is a family practice doctor at Sea Mar. He is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine. Winkes is a local, he graduated from La Conner High School and has been working with Sea Mar since 2002. Winkes is a very smart man, he went to Stanford and received his Bachelor of Science in History and Biology. Dr. Winkes said, “I worked very hard in school because I knew I wanted to help people. When I saw an opportunity to help give back to my community, I took it.” Winkes is truly dedicated to giving back to our community. Winkes is also a fluent Spanish speaker, he constantly uses Spanish during his job.

The patients that Sea Mar serves are always grateful for their service. Many are homeless and can’t afford medical care at the hospital. Migrants are also a big population that come to the Sea Mar clinic. Sea Mar is mostly made of family doctors and pediatricians. Most of the patients at Sea Mar are children because children need extra medical attention and when their parents can’t afford it is when Sea Mar helps out. Doctors at Sea Mar are also dedicated to medical education. They want to help parents take care of their kids and prevent medical issues in the future.

Sea Mar also highers dentists. Dentists will actually travel to migrant camps and educate children on how to brush their teeth. Kids can also receive free dental treatment at Sea Mar. Sea Mar dentists are partnered with the Kulshan Creek Dentist Center to help the community.

Sea Mar also works with Skagit Regional Clinics. Skagit lets Sea Mar doctors use its facilities to work on patients. Sea Mar doctors have the ability to admit patients to the hospital. Even after patients are admitted to the hospital Sea Mar doctors will still check up on the patients.

On top of all this, Sea Mar also provides medical students with experience in the field. Students who want to become doctors can help work in the Sea Mar clinic. They can observe the doctors work and learn more about how they are helping the local community. Students have the opportunity to be inspired by the doctors at Sea Mar. They can also experience the need for bilingual doctors because most migrants speak very little English and understand better in Spanish.

Sea Mar is working hard to help better Mount Vernon’s community. Doctors are taking action and opting to take a lower paying job because they want to help make the community a better place. Sea Mar provides low income people with necessary medical attention. They are taking steps to improve the future well being of our community by not only helping people, but also teaching them to prevent illness and dental complications. Sea Mar is helping our community one patient at a time.

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Changing The Community One Patient At A Time